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All successful communities have one major aspect in common, a leader. A community leader harnesses the power of the people and spaces around them to create a positive place to live and thrive.

Sean Schellenger was a community leader in the Philadelphia neighborhoods for the past decade, by transforming the landscapes of Philadelphia into safe and beautiful communities for the residents.

Through Sean’s successful endeavors as a tech-enabled real estate developer at Streamline, he saw a need for community involvement and support in urban neighborhoods.

Sean fell in love with the South Philadelphia neighborhood of Point Breeze and quickly made it his home.

He ingrained himself into the community and began providing support to existing organizations and residents. If someone was in need, Sean would step in to help.

Sean’s Helping Hands was formed to strengthen communities through strong local partnerships. We believe by providing community support to residents and existing organizations, we can positively influence our urban neighborhoods.

Sean’s Helping Hands is a 501c3 non-profit sustained by dedicated volunteers.

Being Sean’s friend and seeing how he lived his life always kept me trying to be more genuine and wanting to help and give back to others in need. Even though I would never reach his level of kindness, he always gave me a reason and the desire to be better person to myself and to others.
— Rami Shraim, Friend

Sean’s Helping Hands

Meet our team


Linda Schellenger, Executive Director

Al Simmons, Board Member, Corporate Sponsorships

Kathleen DeLawrence, Board Member, Strategic Planning

Timothy Gajardo, Board Member, Community Partnerships

Melissa Ojeda, Board Member, Marketing & Event Coordinator

Jennifer Smith, Board Member, Financial Planner

Alexandra DeLawrence, Board Member, Administrator & Event Coordinator

I think it’s our obligation to be socially responsible and try to make sure that we’re giving back in the community that’s helping us grow our company.
— Sean Schellenger